The Pandemic and Admissions

Stressed, disillusioned, burnt-out. Is anyone feeling this way after more than 10 months of readjusting your careers and lives to a completely new way of doing business? I don’t blame you and I’ll join you in raising my hand. I work in education, more specifically private education, and even more specifically admissions at an independent elementary school. Sounds kind of cushy, right? However, when it seemed that most people I knew were cleaning their closets, hopping from streaming service to streaming service, and visiting every beautiful lake and National Park they could drive to, I was…

What can we learn from schools that went OUTside instead of ONline?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For most schools during the pandemic, “desperate measures” meant moving curriculum online and teaching children how to learn on a small screen. This monumental shift highlighted and deepened racial and socioeconomic inequities in the educational system, reaped havoc on the emotional lives of children, and has driven many overtaxed parents, especially women, out of the workforce.

Although many well-resourced schools, including the one where I work, did this well, for the majority of our country, it was not the greatest experiment.


Jamie Moffett

Jamie Moffett has worked at Marin Country Day School for 18 years. In 2021 she will start an advising practice for families applying to independent school.

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